The need for a great knife has been a need that has plagued mankind for many years. I started using knives at a very young age and have grown up seeking the best edge possible. 

Here at Silver Anvil Blades, we work to provide you with the best possible knife at a very affordable price. We are here for you be it for hunting, camping, bushcraft or just every day in the kitchen. The perfect knife is just waiting for you. 


I have grown up in the hunting and taxidermy industry. My father taught me to at about 8 years old how to sharpen and use a knife. It was only a few days later that I found out how to cut myself with that same knife. As we grow we learn. I learned that day to always respect a sharp knife and always keep it sharp. When I was a teen, I paid for gas and going out with skinning. Being a professional skinner at that age taught me how important a knife with the right design was. If it is not built right, it does not matter what “super steel” it is made of or what brand name it carries.


We at Silver Anvil Blades care about the performance of the blades and sheaths we build. Our name is our most important product. When our customers depend on us we will be there for them. So keep in mind that no matter what adventure you are having, we will be there with you to have your back with our blades. We want to be the brand you depend on and trust.


Creating just the right knife for your busy life is what we are here to do for you. 


Also don't forget that we will be happy to bring any knife you have back to life. From rehandling to sharpening you older knives, recreating a piece that had been broken, we are here to serve you anyway we can. Many people have a treasured knife from a grandparent, close friend, or hero. If you find your treasure in need of cleaning, sharpening, refreshing or a total rebuild, please give us a call.

As a BladeSport competitor, I understand how to build and blade that will take the abuse that you will put it through. Putting our blades to the test of competition and in the field, is the best way to prove our blades will handle what you and the world can throw at them.


If you have a style or custom knife you want we are very happy to build it or give you a quote. So please don't be afraid to ask

And thank you again so very much for choosing use for your blade and sheath needs.

Jo & Chandee Smith
and all of the Silver Anvil Family