• 27cm 1095 Yanagi-ba


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    Here is the king of kitchen knives. It is the Japanese Yanagi-ba. This one has a 27cm blade length. The steel is 1095 high carbon with a hamon heat treat done to it in the Japanese style. With a traditional grind, this blade makes very quick work of meat and fish. This blade is not designed to be used in cutting bones or chopping. It is made to do very clean and smooth cuts. The handle on this one is made of iron wood burl with zebra wood in the center and a buffalo horn cap.

    It has been my dream to be able to perfect this blade, as I have been told it is one of the hardest to get right.

    These blades are made for the professional chef and those looking to bring the highest level of cooking game. Sharping these style of blades is something that takes time, practice and the right equipment.